Wednesday, June 22, 2011


(Left: Nice and tidy!)

(Left: What a mess!)

As we all have witnessed over the past few months, the feather hair extensions trend has become wildly popular; not entirely surprising, considering how awesome + adorable they are! Although we are not a hair salon, we at TMS have been long-time feather extension fans, offering feather extensions at the boutique. However, we were never big fans of the huge beads that are typically used to keep the feather extensions in place against the scalp... instead, we use much smaller beads, in order to maximize comfort, and minimize hair damage for a seamless and barely visible extension. (See photos above, in which an example of our bead in the hair is shown on the right, and another salon's bead is pictured on the left. Below is a photo of the two beads placed side by side; our bead is on the right, and the bead typically used at salons is shown on the left.)

The craziest facet of the feather extensions trend is not the look of the feathers themselves, which can be as subtle as the wearer wants them to be, but the prices of the feathers! In the past few months, the price of feathers has increased by 800%, due to the rarity of the feathers themselves in conjunction with the demand for the feathers. The rooster tail feathers, which are also used by fishermen as lures, have become very hard to come by. In fact, this new trend has upset fishermen coast to coast as the feathers have now increased exponentially in price, selling now for at least $2 a strand, putting a damper on their sport. Here at TMS, we've been hit by the crazy price change as well. In spite of having to raise our prices too, we are still keeping our prices lower than the average salon. (Below: Estrella looking super cute all feathered out :)

As an alternative, or addition, to feather extensions, TMS is also the proud manufacturer of hand-made feather hairclips! Unique and adorable, these sculptural hair accessories also look great in any hair texture and color (see photo below!)

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